Securing Medical Records

In today’s world of illnesses and other medical procedures it is vital that doctors and hospitals keep their patient records safe and secure.  The first step is to make sure that anything that can be accessed within the hospital or doctor’s office is not accessible from an outside source.  If you can do this, you can prevent hacking.  From there, many hospitals will have some type of patient portal, something like medical credentialing software or other application.  It is through this software we can keep private information safe within the hospital but allow patients to access their records on their own devices.

Create accounts for your customers

medical credentialing software

It is important that we keep access to the core systems safe.  This is why doctors and medical personal should create accounts for their patents.  This way, patients can get access to the system when they need it but won’t have to worry about creating usernames, codes and other credentials. 

Only make results available

When it comes to giving access to patients it is important that they just get the results and instructions from the doctors in these systems.  If they have to much access or if they are allowed to make too many changes or updates to their records, then there is a chance that they could change something that couldn’t or shouldn’t be changed causing a major issue.

Live video calls

Another good thing that some software is now integrating into their systems is live video calls.  With this feature patients can set an appointment with the doctor and when it is time they can log into the system and do a video conference call.  In some cases, the call can be recorded for doctors to review as well as give the patient a way to leave video messages and more. 

With the advancement in medical technology having these types of systems has made it much easier for people to gain medical care who would have otherwise not been able to receive it.