Legal Authority Granted To Bail Bondsman

It does not matter whether the bail bondsman is working for a privately-run firm that is legally allowed to make a profit as a licensed and registered going concern, or whether the bail bondsman is being funded by the local taxpayers, the bail bondsman will still have a defined set of authoritative responsibilities to uphold on behalf of the town or city communities that he has undertaken or sworn to serve and represent.

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Legal authority has already been granted to a qualified bail bondsman to issue Sacramento Bail Bonds on behalf of the city citizen arrested, no matter how serious or minor the misdemeanors filed against him or her. It remains unfortunate, however, that bail bond representatives working at privately funded sources like Acme Bail Bonds are only appointed in court at the point where the presiding judge or magistrate issues the terms and conditions of the bail being set for the alleged guilty offender.

But for the enlightened citizen, who may have unfortunately been arrested before, he or she perhaps knows what to do with that one phone call that the charge office is legally and morally obliged to afford him or her, courtesy of the state. He or she may not wish to alarm a family member or loved one, it could just be a minor offense, nothing more than a complete misunderstanding. He or she may certainly not have any (legal) recourse to a nearby attorney at law in private practice who you would have thought would give the arrested man or woman a fair chance.

But he or she could certainly phone a bail bondsman. Yes, that much is obvious, to quickly arrange the bail monies to get him or her quickly out. But there is still more to follow.