Common Issues And Repairs Needed To Drywall

Drywall is the boards and planks that cover up the studs, wires and insulation that make up the interior of our walls.  When we hang drywall, all of these areas are covered creating a smooth surface that we can paint and do other treatments to.  Before trying to fix the following problems yourself, consider drywall contractors near me in binghamton, ny to do the job for you.

Popped nails

Out of all the issues that we may have with drywall, having popped nails is probably going to be the number one thing.  As our homes settle and the walls begin to breathe the nails that attach the drywall to the studs may become lose.  As a result, they may begin to pop through the walls.  To repair this you will want to gently knock the nails back into the wall without doing damage to the drywall.  Then, depending on how the wall looks you may need to add some compound to create a new smooth surface before painting.

Repairing dents in drywall

The next common issue will be dents and dings in your drywall.  When we move through the house we may bump into the walls, hit them with chairs or even miss the nail when trying to hang a picture.  When this happens, small dents and imperfections may appear.  To repair these, you will need to determine how bad they are, if they should be repaired, left alone or replace the entire sheet or drywall.

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Splits and bubbles in the drywall tape

Humidity is a real enemy to your drywall.  If your home is humid or if you experience a lot of water issues, this can cause the tape that helps to cover the seams of your drywall to bubble, crack or split away from the walls.  If this happens you will need to have a professional come in and do a professional patch job.  Just trying to fix it yourself can lead to imperfections in your walls.  Do it right the first time.